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Sports Injury Law

In the 1980’s professional football players began seeking compensation for their injuries. The NFLPA (players’ union) formed an elite panel of attorneys from around the country to assist and represent the players. Richard Wagenheim was appointed to the panel to represent injured members of the Miami Dolphins. When the Tampa Bay Bucs and Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL, our firm began representing injured players from those teams also.

In the 1990’s, the Professional Hockey Players’ Association placed us on their Workers’ Compensation panel to assist minor league professional hockey players. Subsequently, our firm has been asked to represent professional athletes on behalf of the Major League Baseball Players Association, National Hockey League Players Association and the Arena Football League Players Association. Our firm has taken a leadership role in this unique area of workplace injury law. We have successfully represented numerous players from the NFL, NFL Europe, the Arena Football League, XFL, major and minor league baseball and hockey, and professional soccer.

Successfully representing professional athletes requires knowledge and expertise in understanding the players’ contracts, collective bargaining agreements and collateral benefits provided to the players and how they interact with workers’ compensation.

Allow us to utilize our experience in representing you.